What To Do With A Gap Year

If you're a high school student going to college for the first time, or just graduated and applying to grad or medical school, you could be facing a gap year. What should you do with a gap year? You need activities that are rewarding, fulfilling, and will look great on a resume or school application. Here are five ideas:

1. Get a certification

A great way to spend time in your gap year while also gaining education is to get a certification. Many certification programs can be completed within 12-18 months. Here is a quick list on what you can get certified in:

  • Nursing assistant
  • Phlebotomist
  • EMT
  • IT support
  • Java or C++

2. Join a temp agency

There's nothing better you can do with your gap year than gain valuable work experience. Having work experience not only looks great on a resume, but it will build character. Working will help you know what you want to get from your college experience and give you maturity and motivation to continue your education. By joining a temp agency, you can try several different types of jobs so you can identify the career you want. You can also make valuable contacts and references.

3. Volunteer

Spend your gap year giving back. Volunteering will give you an appreciation of your own blessings and give you a sense of pride. You can also combine a love of travel with volunteer work by traveling with a charitable organization. Also, choose your volunteer position based on your prospective career. For example, if you're taking a gap year between undergrad and med school, be a medical volunteer. Medical volunteers provide assistance and shadow trained medical professionals overseas. Contact a company like Twin Lakes Hospice Inc to learn more. 

4. Teach English

If you've received an undergrad degree and you're waiting for grad school to start, why not teach English overseas? Countries including China, Thailand, and Vietnam want to hire native speakers to immerse their child in the English language. This is a great opportunity to live in a foreign country and gain new experiences, all while getting paid.

5. Work on a cruise ship

Have you always loved sailing on the ocean? Do you love traveling to beautiful locations? Why not spend your gap year working on a cruise ship? Cruise ships offer many positions and you can find one that suits you no matter what your experience level or education. You can get a job working in a restaurant, in a retail store, in housekeeping, or even as a crew member.

These are five ways you can spend your gap year. Make your gap year fun, rewarding, and valuable.

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