Subtle Signs You And Your Partner May Need Marriage Counseling

It is not uncommon for married couples to develop a false sense of security about their marriage while ignoring subtle signs that their relationship is not all it should be. Knowing the subtle signs of a deteriorating relationship can help you and your partner seek marriage counseling to deal with minor issues before they turn into major relationship issues.

Going Your Separate Ways​

It is healthy for each partner in a marriage to have hobbies or things they enjoy doing alone or with other friends. However, if you find you are spending most of your time going your separate ways or doing your own thing, it may be a sign that your marriage is in trouble. Striking a reasonable balance between doing things as a couple and doing things apart is the mark of a healthy marriage.

Intimacy Is Absent​

It is normal for the excitement that occurs in a new relationship to lessen somewhat when couples are married for long periods of time. The problem arises if intimacy is nonexistent in your relationship. If you find your desire for sexual intimacy has waned or you no longer hold hands, hug, or enjoy spending time alone together, it can mean there are hidden issues in the relationship that need to be addressed.

You Never Have a Disagreement

If you find yourself avoiding discussing certain issues with your spouse, it can be a sign of a troubled relationship. You may feel your marriage is fine because you do not fight with your spouse, but many couples never disagree because they avoid the risk of conflict. If you never disagree with your spouse, you should take an honest look at the reason why to see if you are avoiding conflict.

You Stop Caring About Your Appearance​

If you find yourself not caring about your appearance, it can be a sign that your relationship is in trouble. Neglecting physical appearance can be a sign of depression or unhappiness. If you feel you no longer enjoy dressing to please your partner or you do not care about your weight, fitness, etc., it may be a warning sign of an unhappy marriage.

Couples can end up in divorce court because they feel like they drifted apart over the years or no longer have anything in common. Having a good marriage means being alert to problems and dealing with them before they erode the marriage relationship. Seeking help from a marriage counselor as soon as you are aware of any issues may help save your marriage. 

For more information, visit a marriage counseling clinic near you.

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